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Irish FA Head of Marketing and Communications, Geoff Wilson and Glentoran captain, Paul Leeman


WITH Fair Play coming under the spotlight in football today, clubs and players are valuing the positivity coming from the Royal Mail Fair Play award.

Glentoran are the latest winners of the award and are delighted to receive the £500 prize. Glentoran manager Scott Young said: "I am delighted for my players to win this award again. They have shown that they value fair play, and this has huge benefits for me due to less players getting booked, resulting in more players being available for team selection. As we enter the last few months of the season it is vital that I have as many players available to me as possible."

The award is presented to the team which receives the least disciplinary points throughout the month.  A yellow card will receive one point, two yellow cards three points, and a straight red five points.

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