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BOTTOM of the table Moyola Park fought an outstanding rear guard action to leave Newforge with a well earned point in a game that the PSNI. should have taken all three from.

Ryan McCartan opened the scoring for the Police after 15 minutes when he finished of a powerful Scot McCrory header from a Hadden corner.

With the Police well on top without really troubling Gareth McGuire in the Moyola nets Mark Harkness scored a surprise equaliser when he squeezed the ball past Wilson after he was left free inside the penalty box.

The second half continued like the first with Moyola threatening on the break and the PSNI mounting wave after wave of attacks ably led by Lucas Adamczyk who was unable to penetrate a well organised Moyola defence with Kelly and McQuliian always resolute.

Matt Holden thought he had scored the winner in the closing minutes when he lobbed McGuire from ten yards only to see Kelly divert the ball over the bar.

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