No mean feet recently, as TinyLife and the Lisburn Distillery Youth Academy are the winners following a marathon 30 mile walk round the grounds by a small group of dedicated and hardy Whites' fans.

And it all began in the wee small hours, around 1.30am, for the advance group, who set out in darkness from Breda Park before making their way to Tillysburn and then onwards around the remaining NIFL grounds in the Belfast, and Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council areas, before finishing at The Dub around 2.30pm, just in time to watch the Whites go on and win their second round  Irish Cup tie against Queen's University.

It's the third successive year the charity fundraiser has taken place; veterans Ged Irwin, David Irwin and Simon Wragg once again joined by Cameron Moore, whilst the fresh legs of Paul Connery, Colin Winton and Andy Hill made their first start.

For the record, the route was Breda Park (Knockbreda), Tillysburn (H&W Welders), The Oval (Glentoran), Wilgar Park (Dundela), Newforge (PSNI), Windsor Park (Linfield), Seaview (Crusaders), Solitude (Cliftonville), Glen Road Heights (Sport & Leisure), Donegal Celtic Park (Donegal Celtic), New Grosvenor (Lisburn Distillery) and The Dub (Queen's University)

At the finishing line they were met by the Mayor and Mayoress of Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council, Councillor Brian Bloomfield MBE, and Mrs Rosalind Bloomfield, and given a warm reception by their own supporters and the officials of Queen's University Football Club.

The Whites veteran walker, and Community Relations Officer, Ged Irwin summed up another successful event when he said; “David and I started three hours after the rest of the guys, so we had quite a bit of catching up to do. We pushed on and by the time we reached our ground we had covered last year's mileage in two hours less. Times are tough for everybody, everybody is looking sponsorship so for us to get possibly more than we did last year means we are absolutely delighted and we have to thank everyone who contributed to our cause. We owe them many thanks, it is outstanding and for my fellow walkers to push the sponsorship and themselves so much, through the pain barrier, for TinyLife, our official club charity and our academy is brilliant. We definitely pushed ourselves through the pain barrier but it is rewarding.”


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