Jordan Hughes (17)
Jordan Hughes (65)
Daniel Burns (69)


Paul Smith (55)
Dale Maxwell (80)


Jordan Hughes bagged a double for the Duns (Picture: Stephen Hamilton/Press


Newly promoted Dundela began life in the Bluefin Sport Championship on a winning note with a 3-2 defeat of Dergview at Wilgar Park.

Jordan Hughes, leading scorer last season, picked up where he left off with the opener after 17 minutes.

It was a lead the Duns held until ten minutes until the second half when Paul Smith levelled for Dergview, only for Dundela to edge back in front through Hughes' second of the game ten minutes later with Daniel Burns adding a third soon after.

Substitute Dale Maxwell reduced the deficit with ten minutes to go but it was too late to spark a revival for the visitors.

Dundela: McBride, King, Parker, Murray, Magee, Murdock, McMaster, Beggs, Hughes, Watts, Burns subs Bingham (replaced Watts 67), McComb (not used), Middleton (replaced Murray 77), Fisher (not used), McClelland (replaced Burns 75)

Dergview: Al. Buchanan, Logue, Falconer, McNulty, M. Buchanan, Doherty, Wallace, Ad. Buchanan, Dougherty, Smith, Sproule subs Hegan (not used), Maxwell (replaced Falconer 78), Hargan (not used), McCorkell (replaced Doherty 70), McGlynn (replaced Smith 80)

Referee: Niall Gallagher

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